You are researching two glaciers.the first glacier flows at a rate of 75 meters in 3 days.the second glacier flows at a rate of 107.5 meters in 5 days.which glacier flows faster?how much sooner will the faster glacier flow 200 meter

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]1.3\ days[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:step 1Find the units rate of the first glacier[tex]\frac{75}{3}=25\frac{meters}{day}[/tex]using proportion  [tex]\frac{25}{1}\frac{meters}{day}=\frac{200}{x}\frac{meters}{days}\\ \\x=200/25\\ \\x=8\ days[/tex]step 2Find the units rate of the second glacier[tex]\frac{107.5}{5}=21.5\frac{meters}{day}[/tex]using proportion  [tex]\frac{21.5}{1}\frac{meters}{day}=\frac{200}{x}\frac{meters}{days}\\ \\x=200/21.5\\ \\x=9.3\ days[/tex]step 3Find the difference[tex]9.3\ days-8\ days=1.3\ days[/tex]