The equation d=rt is used to calculate distance, rate, or time, where dd is the distance (in meters), r is the rate (in meters per minute), and tt is the time (in minutes). Consider the statements below that describe the walking rates for three people. Graph the equation that represents the rate of the fastest person. Tomas walks 1200 meters in 8 minutes. Becky walks for 10 minutes and goes 1400 meters. Derrick walks at a rate of 145 meters per minute.

Accepted Solution

We know derrick walks 145 m/min to get the other we simply divide how far they went in how much time
Tomas: 1200/8= 150 m/min
Becky: 1400/10= 140m/min
therefore Tomas is the fastest walker so we will write the equation based on his speed
y = 150x
you should start at the origin (0,0) and got up 150 meters for and over 1 for every minute they run!