I can’t figure out the solution I think it is y < -10

Accepted Solution

Hey there! With negatives ([tex]-[/tex]) you have to switch your symbol to the other way[tex]\bold{\frac{y}{-2}\leq5}[/tex]Firstly, substitute the [tex]\bold{y\ value  }[/tex] as an invisible 1 So, now we have to flip the equation around [tex]\bold{\frac{-1}{2}y\leq5}[/tex]We have to [tex]\bold{multiply}[/tex] by [tex]\bold{-2}[/tex] on each of your sides [tex]\bold{-2\times\frac{-1}{2}\leq-2\times5}[/tex][tex]\bold{Cancel \ out:2\times\frac{-1}{2}y \ because \ it \ equal \ 1}[/tex][tex]\bold{Keep: -2\times5 \ because \ it \ helps \ us \ find \ our \ answer}[/tex][tex]\bold{-2\times5=-10}[/tex][tex]\boxed{\boxed{\bold{Answer:y\geq-10}}}\checkmark[/tex]Good luck on your assignment  and enjoy your day! ~[tex]\frak{LoveYourselfFirst:)}[/tex]