: Clark is having a party at his house. His father has allowed him to spend at most 20 dollars on snack food. He'd like to buy chips for 4 dollars a bag and pretzels that cost 2 dollars per bag.write an inequality to describe the situation.

Accepted Solution

Answer:2p + 4c <= 20Step-by-step explanation:Clark is buying two kind of products: chips and pretzels. Lets pretzels be represented by p and chips by c. Where pretzels have a price of 2 dollars and chips a price of 4 dollars. Thus, Clark's expenses will depend on how many chips and pretzels he buys. We can write Clark's expenses using an equation on the form:Expenses(p,c)= 2p + 4c Where the expenses depend on the number of pretzels p and chips c.Now we need this value to be less or equal to 20 dollars, as this is the maximum amount Clark can pay:Expenses(p,c) <= 202p + 4c <= 20And this is the inequality we need to use ti determine how many chips and pretzels he can buy. For example, if he wants to buy 6 pretzels bags, he only can buy 2 chips bags, and so on for other numbers you can think about.